10 and + Websites to Find Free 3D Printing Models to download

10 and + Websites to Find Free 3D Printing Models to download

There are a top  ten of most popolar websites to find free 3D printing models. There are numerous websites that offer you free 3D models to print on their printers without spending a dime. In this article, we have collated ten websites where you can search and download free models for 3D printing.

1. Thingiverse
Thingiverse is an internet site operated by MakerBot Industries, the developers of the prominent Replicator series of 3D printers. The website makes it possible for users to upload and share 3D model files to be used on 3D printers. It is quite popular and has a sizable community of individuals uploading files of various categories, therefore if you’re trying to get cool things to print; Thingiverse is the website to visit. Meanwhile, Thingiverse has various sorts of creations, which include ones that can’t be made on a 3D printer (e .g. meant to be made on a Lasercutter).

2. My Mini Factory
My Mini Factory is the 3D model repository controlled by iMakr, an on-line store that sells 3D printers and accessories. Moreover, it manages the major 3D printing store in Central London. The website features 3D models designed by pros, and each and every uploaded design are tested for quality. You may also request for 3D models that their designers will create and then share.

3. Bld3r
As 3D Printing Social Network, Bld3r is an expanding community of designers who just love to feature their creations. Members vote on the best designs, so much admired designs rise to the top and get better exposure. The site has items that are hosted on the social networking site as well as outside of it, just like on Thingiverse.

4. Cubify
Cubify is the site for the Cube series of consumer 3D printers, and it is developed by 3D Systems. The website primarily offers you ways to buy 3D printed accessories and files. Nevertheless, it provides you with some interesting free items, mostly under their Kids section, most of which kids can customize by using a web app.

5. Autodesk 123D
Autodesk 123D is a suite of computer-aided design (CAD) and 3D modeling tools targeted mainly at hobbyists. Alongside the suite of tools, Autodesk also offers a site in which users can add their creations and share it with many other users. The majority of the models are usually downloaded and printed, with the use of Autodesk as a utility to interface with MakerBot 3D printer.

6. Sproutform
Another 3D printing community, Sproutform is a site designed for giving users ways to share their creation and assist people in printing 3D creations. Sproutform comes with a system that will try to discover the things you like. The more you make use of the site by downloading and rating creations, the better it is with recommendations.

7. Google’s 3D Warehouse
The 3D Warehouse offers numerous 3-D models, but the majority of these files require a little bit of process to prepare them for 3D Printing.

8. 3D Content Central
3D Content Central is a Italian website, if you are searching for a 3D model of a spare part or a component, there are several thousands of parts you can use here. In most cases, the parts do not much cleaning to have them ready for printing on your 3d printer. Free registration is required prior to being able to download any CAD models.

9. GrabCAD
GrabCAD is also a community that was created by mechanical engineers. It is also a site for engineers to share their craft, and after the free registration you can download files free. You need to select the 3D Print filter because only a few files have STL download options.

10. Pinshape
Pinshape is a 3D printing community & marketplace for models, makers and designers. They’re increasing very fast, and which makes it easy to find and successfully print superb 3D designs. They are in fact hardware agnostic with community features such as ‘prints’ that enable users to upload print settings and images of models to help you print best models.

11. Cults
Cults is a marketplace that connects designers and people who want to 3D print some objects. Cults is dedicated to all owners of 3D printers who wish to make premium and original creations. Because everyone doesn’t have an artistic soul or the ability to use CAO 3D software, Cults highlights the work of these designers who will make 3D printing accessible to all. Cults is a social network that brings together all the fans of the 3D printer world, so that they can interact with each other. Cults also stands for generosity. Thanks to Promotions category, all 3D printing aficionados can find coupon codes to buy 3D printers, filaments, 3D scanners and many other accessories at the best prices. So why such a name? Cults is an anacycle: read backwards it becomes St. Luc, patron saint of artists and sculptors. Read backwards you can also find .stl, the universal 3D format. In short, Cults, it seemed obvious to us

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