3D Printer Review: BeeTheFirst

3D Printer Review: BeeTheFirst

Complete and honest review of desktop 3D Printer kit: BEETHEFIRST 3D Printer. Introduction: Made by Beeverycreative, it is actually not a typical type of a 3D printer. Portuguese manufacturers have made an excellent quality 3D printer, as it has a compact frame and a handsome design. On the other hand it’s not a complex printing machine, as even a novice can operate it easily and get supreme print results. The only factor that might worry a few out there is the price tag, which Beethefirst carries. Its market price is nearly $2,500. So what all the hype is about?

Why it’s so popular?
Its frame stands out from other 3D printers and its shape is also very interesting. You can call it roughly the shape of a doughnut that has rounded corners and fairly square sides. Printing takes place at the open rectangular hole, which is also called the doughnut-hole. Early adopters won’t find it difficult to use this printer at all, as its interface is very to use.


There are no wires hanging out, which is a prominent safety feature and the best thing is that the extruder remains within the frame during the course of printing. These are the minute, yet important, safety features that make it a friendly option for all types of users. The build area, of the printer, has following dimensions 4.9”x 5.3”x 7.5”, which is quite modest when compared with other 3D printers of the same price range.

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Assembling the printer
As told above it’s not a complex job. Instruction guide will provide, you with all of the important details and make it simple to install the printer. Once, you are able to assemble the printer, you need to visit the official website of the product manufacturer and download and run the Beesoft software. Later, connect the USB and power cord for printing operation. Use the provided 3M tape in order to cover the platform and once done, you can connect platform with the printer. Also install filament spool with spool holder inside the printer in a careful manner.

Video review of desktop 3D Printer kit: BeeTheFirst

Beesoft is compatible with Linux, Mac and PC. Some users have experienced difficulty while printing an object through software installed on Windows 7. Program was reported to crash frequently. The issue is that Beesoft is still in its testing mode and the bugs are being looked after. Whereas, Windows 8 and Mac did not offer any sort of such problems.

Setting is very important for printing any object. Each printing tool needs to be at a proper position, place, distance and angle. The printing platform needs to be leveled properly. Extruder and the build platform must be at proper distance from each other. Follow the instructions of the assembly program carefully. If you are not an expert seek help from the customer support unit or ask a professional nearby you.


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3D Printing technology FDM
Maximum Print size 190mm x 135mm x 125mm
3D Print Resolution 0.1mm – 0.3mm
Filament diameter 1.75 mm
Filament type Soft PLA
Frame Metal / Acrylic
Print bed polycarbonate not heated
Software Powerful BEESOFT 3D Software
Connections 3D Print via UBS connection
Minimum System Requirements Windows(7/8)/Linux( 12.04+ )/Mac OSX(10.7/10.8+)
Printer measurements with Spool 40x40x14 cm
Weight 9.5 kg
Power supply 200-230VAC 2.0A 50-60Hz

Bottom Line
If there is no issue with the budget factor then, you certainly need to consider this printer model. Beethefirst carries elegant features and is compact. Its printing results are also very good, especially at a high resolution. You will be amazed with its final result that shows good class and minimum flaws. It’s a nice addition to your designing studio, classroom or any type of research lab.

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  • Accuracy
  • Backlash
  • Bridging
  • Overhangs
  • Fine Features
  • Surface Curved
  • Surface General
  • Tolerance
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