3D Printer Review: MakerBot Replicator 5th

3D Printer Review: MakerBot Replicator 5th

The MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer, 5th Generation, without doubt, a very attractive piece of 3D printing hardware. Besides it’s elegantly designed case and clear perspex viewing panels it has a strong powder coated steel frame and boasts many interesting and useful features making it one of the top 3D Printers on the market. As soon as you unpack the printer it is clear to see that the manufacturers, MakerBot, have aimed for a discerning consumer who wants to get as much out of their hardware as possible.

The build volume for the printer is 252x199x150mm with an unheated plastic print bed, temperature controls, untethered printing through USB stick, Wi-Fi or networked appliance. The Operating Software is MakerBot Desktop, the Slicer MakerBot and the materials used MakerBot PLA. The system operates with OS Mac, Windows and Linux software.

MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer, 5th Generation, Firmware Version 1.7+

The large color operating screen makes usage of these features very easy and user friendly. Brightly lit and with large, clear icons and menus it’s a simple task to scroll through and find which of the features you wish to access. It is possible to check on the print progress, check the Slicer Settings in use and even see an image of the finished print piece. This LCD screen offers one of the most comprehensive operating panels of any 3D printer on the market today.

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The internal camera, along with the large clear side panels makes inspection of printing jobs extremely easy and even allows the user to take snapshots of the printing progress facilitating prototype image sharing with other agencies. The printer has a Smart Extruder, crammed with sensors which attaches magnetically to the printer allowing for a high level of print accuracy and quality while also making the Replicator 5th Generation Printer one of the fastest of its kind.

Video Review of desktop 3D Printer: MakerBot Replicator

The Temperature control means that careful monitoring of the Smart Extruder during printing and the making of appropriate temperature changes allows the user to have complete control over the printing process in order to obtain the best results possible. The MakerBot Desktop Software is extremely easy to use and works well with Thingiverse and MakerBot Digital Store allowing automatic links to items previously ‘liked’ on these sites making the printing of them as close to one-click operation as you are likely to get.

The Replicator 5th Generation 3D Printer also has Mobile or PC App controlled LAN or Wi-Fi connection, making it the most network friendly 3D printer it’s possible to buy. Great networking capability, high quality, fast printing, easy to use software and panel controls, multi-sensor extrusion, Wi-Fi, LAN or USB stick connections, internal camera, a large, bright, full color user console, snapshots of the print progress, images of the finished print product, easy access to slicer settings and temperature controls: all of these factors, brought together in one compact, well crafted machine, make for extremely high levels of print quality and product sharing and place the Replicator 5th Generation at the forefront of the 3D Printing market.

The Replicator 5th Generation is suitable for business and private use and is extremely user friendly in either environment. So, whether you are designing at home or sharing across a large business infrastructure this 3D Printer is up to the challenge. Definitely one of the most versatile machines available.

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  • Backlash
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  • Overhangs
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  • Surface Curved
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