3D Printer Reviews: LulzBot TAZ 4

3D Printer Reviews: LulzBot TAZ 4

Introduction to Honest and complete review of desktop 3D printer, LulzBot TAZ 4. TAZ 4 comes in an attractive package for experts and beginners. Lulzbot has the reputation of staying true to their origins. That is what attracts many enthusiasts to buy this 3D printer. With the passage of time this company has improved its designs and refined them for an ultimate user experience. TAZ 4 could be called the next step in that progression. In this new model the previous Z-axis rods have been removed and replaced with refined 12 mm lead nuts and bolts, produced by Misumi. Another change is that a user friendly interface has been installed in place of the old electronics casing. Users will also note that power supply has been placed in a much safer and smarter place.

LulzBot TAZ 4 3D Printer

Surface quality
For a test print it is recommended to use the semi-gloss ABS filament; you can choose any color. Choosing a dark color will provide a complete idea of the printing quality. A test print will guide you how in to change the print setting for future prints and get the best result. According to several tests print results it was found that printing detail can be improved by adjusting the print speed and slowing down the acceleration settings. The filament must be allowed to cool down before adding more layers to avoid mess. You can adjust the time between each layer and turn the fan on at a high speed. It can be said the printing quality is better than many other 3D printers. For perfect results you need to have properly tuned settings and a low gloss filament.

Enthusiasts always look for dimensional accuracy. For accurate results, you will need to use Silc3r. It will take some time to get the desired results while advanced algorithm functions are being tested. Problems with the accuracy of the print model can be dealt with easily by adjusting filament diameter setting, extrusion multiplier, part geometry, etc. The hardware of TAZ 4 is very close to being perfectly accurate as there are no slicing issues.

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It’s a simple fact that if you need high quality 3D models the printing, the settings need to be extremely slow. Many users try to find a quality printer with a relatively fast printing speed. It is important to know that the speed is dependent on the hardware of the printer. You need a solid frame, thick rods and durable material to get first-class prints at high speed. Moving mass and inertia also play a major role in this regard. The top speed of the printer is 200mm/sec through accurate settings.

Video review of 3D printer LulzBot TAZ 4

Without any doubt TAZ 4 is a reliable option for long and repetitive printing sessions. There is no extensive maintenance required, the productivity is satisfactory enough and the cost is low.


1 2
Printer type FDM
Material ABS/PLA
Build volume 29.8 X 27.5 X 25 CM
Min layer height 75 MICRONS
Max layer height 350 MICRONS
Extruder head 1 (2 OPTIONAL)
Printing speed 200 MM/S
Can you use 3rd party material? YES
Heated platform YES
On-printer controls YES
Connectivity SD CARD

If you are looking for a quality machine out there then you must buy the TAZ 4 3D printer. It comes from a reputable company and is very robust. You can modify it easily and there is no need to use a special software or filament. If you have any issues the customer support department will try their level best to help you out. It comes with a one-year warranty, has an open-source printing platform, a large print area and economical price. It surely stands out from many of the available 3D printers in the market.

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  • Accuracy
  • Backlash
  • Bridging
  • Overhangs
  • Fine Features
  • Surface Curved
  • Surface General
  • Tolerance
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