Best 3D Printing Books and Forums to Get You Started

Best 3D Printing Books and Forums to Get You Started

From an outsider’s view, getting started with 3D printing may seem to be challenging. But then, with the right and useful resources, exploiting the new area of interest becomes easier and enjoyable. If you’re looking for a good place to get started learning about 3D printing, the resources here will be very useful for you. Here’s a list of the vital 3D printing resources that will help you to understand the basics and even much more.

Best 3D Printing Books
To be successful with your 3D printing, you surely have to do some reading. The following is a selection of books that will help you get started in learning what 3D printing is, the way the technology works, and also many of the future implications the technology will probably have. These are the fantastic starting point for those who are not experienced in 3D printing or want to discover more about the technology.

Makers: The New Industrial Revolution buy Amazon
In this particular book, Wired magazine editor and bestselling author Chris Anderson gives a visionary and in-depth look into the 3D printing industry. The book dives into the “maker” movement and clearly shows how it stacks up against past industrial revolutions. It is one of the best books on 3D printing, purposely for anyone who wants to get a look at the dreams of the industry.

3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution buy on Amazon
This book is a solid introduction to the field of 3D printing. Just like the other books listed here, ‘3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution’ provides you with an insight at into 3D printing and the potential in it. The book, ‘3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution’ also covers who the players in the industry are and further explained their background. It’s an excellent read for someone just starting and professional alike.

3D Printing: The Next Technology Gold Rush buy on Amazon
This book provides an overview of 3D printing and even several markets that people get into through the use a 3D printer. Essentially, this is a good book covers the basics of 3D printing, ways to get things done, and it will as well open your mind to the chances of 3D printing from a business and manufacturing point-of-view. It’s a book worthy of reading for any prospective printers.

Fabricated: The New World of 3D Printing buy on Amazon
This well-crafted and informative overview of 3D printing is also a great option for you looking to go behind being good at the basics of 3D printing as you dive quite further into it. The book addresses what is being done in 3D printing at the moment, and it provides a look into what height the technology can attain in the future. If you’re beginner in 3D printing, then this book will catch you up quickly.

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Helpful 3D Printing Forums
The same as other popular industry around, you will find a lot of 3D printing forums accessible on the internet. Forums listed here are impressive resources for new printers and professional as well.

Google’s 3D Printing Community
The 3D printing community on Google+ is extensive. With more than 110, 000 members, it is the largest collection of 3D printing enthusiasts on the internet.

3D Printing Subreddit
The 3D printing Subreddit is a popular platform for 3D printing enthusiasts, boasting over 25, 000 subscribed readers.

3D Print Board
3D Print Board is among the most widely used 3D printing forums on the internet. The website has over 5, 000 members and is approaching 6, 000 threads.

SoliForum is also a booming 3D printing forum. With as much as 7, 500 members and about 7, 250 topics posted, you will probably get some help from SoliForum’s members.

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