Full reviews of Fusion3 F306 3D Printer single extruder

Full reviews of Fusion3 F306 3D Printer single extruder

Fusion3 F306 is a commercial grade 3D printer that delivers precise models with ease. The highly reliable 3D printer has been praised by customers for its high performance and design. The printer has almost all the features expected of a modern 3D printer and it definitely makes for a great buy for users who use 3D printing professionally or extensively.

Fusion3 F306 Commercial Grade 3D Printer, Single Extruder and Base (6 month) WarrantyThe printer comes with an aluminum frame that makes for a strong body. Fusion3 F306 Commercial Grade 3D Printer also includes a metal print head, E3Dv6, which is one of the best print heads available in the market. These features keep the machine stable and the final output accurate. Then, there is the proprietary motion control system. Traditional construction would have made the printer a lot heavier as well as expensive. This new technique not only maintains the integrity of the printed structures by keeping their stiffness high, but also enables the print head to move smoothly, so that the final product is polished too. The strong heaters also maintain a high temperature for excellent results without the need to enclose it. Fusion3 F306 also carries the distinction of having one of the largest build volumes in the industry. Most notably, the use of linear bearing system eliminates the need for many parts and thereby reducing maintenance costs. The company also claims that the printer undergoes 10,000 hours of quality testing, which is incredible.

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The printer uses the Fused Filament technology and prides itself in using a wide variety of filaments that makes it suitable for use in a variety of industries. As of now, the printer can work with more than thirty thermoplastic materials including nylon, polycarbonates, and so on. This distinguishes the printer from the competition since it automatically expands its utility.

Print Speed and Quality
Given the novel technology and outstanding design, the printer is able to deliver a high print speed of 250mm/second and a 550m/second travel speed. The printer can achieve a resolution of up to 21 microns with a vertical resolution of 100-300 microns, resulting in a high quality final print. The printer has one of the largest build areas across 3D printers that can support print dimensions as high as 12 x 12 x 12 cubic inches.

Simplify3D Creator is the software that comes onboard the Fusion3 F306 printer. It comes pre-configured for common printing materials. Users can make use of the many pre-made models that can be directly printed or users can draw their own. The software also features interactive previews of the designs, efficient printing of multiple parts, and multiple advanced printing modes, among other things.

User Experience
The LCD screen that comes with the printer makes operating the printer really easy. The printer is easy to operate overall with the easy setup, convenient spool loading, and user friendly software. There is also a 6 month warranty attached to the workmanship and materials of the printer. An extended one year warranty can also be opted by the customers who wish to have prolonged customer support.

The Fusion3 F306 can be used by businesses as well as individuals for their 3D printing needs. The relentless machine can work for hours together and can print out the most intricate of designs. The aluminum frame and the ball bearings give it the strength and precision to generate quality material.

At the same time, the attached software makes it a breeze to work with. The printer is big and needs to be kept on solid surfaces for stable operations. Fusion3 F306 is a high quality and reliable printer that can print anything that users can imagine.


  • Accuracy
  • Backlash
  • Bridging
  • Overhangs
  • Fine Features
  • Surface Curved
  • Surface General
  • Tolerance
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