The 6 Weirdest Things Ever Created By 3D Printing

The 6 Weirdest Things Ever Created By 3D Printing

The increasing use of 3D printing has birthed a variety of quirky products–but these may perhaps take the cake. We scoured the Internet to uncover the strangest 3D objects and some of them are quite unthinkable. From Hairstyles to arms to food (of course, food), we unfold the 6 Weirdest Things Created with 3D Printers. Even though copyright and quality of these 3D objects remain an issue, 3D printing has undoubtedly made its mark in certain pretty weird ways.

6. Egyptian hairstyles
Ancient Egyptian women were habitually mummified wearing extravagant braids. The excitement of 3D printing has taken those hairstyles back again. In January 2013, researchers at McGill University’s Redpath Museum unveiled complete facial reconstructions made up of a combination of computed tomography (CT) scanning and 3D printing. One 20-year-old young woman wore her hair pulled back in several strands twisted into a chignon at the crown of her head. What the 3D printed reconstruction does not give details is the reason the woman had three wounds on her side — or if those punctures caused her death.

5. A bionic ear
Princeton University researchers developed the 3d-printed ear. The bionic ear manufactured from silver nanoparticles, calf cells, and polymer gel, and it can detect radio signals beyond the range of human hearing. To produce the ear, the experts printed the gel into an average ear shape and cultured the calf cells on that matrix to make something perfectly biological.

Infusion of the silver nanoparticles creates an “antenna” for detecting those radio signals, which may then be transmitted to the cochlea, the part of the ear that converts sound into brain signals. All the same, the researchers do not have any plans to fix the ear to a human head.

4. Human stem cells
The gadget functions by creating uniform droplets of living embryonic stem cells, that happen to be the cells found in early development that are efficient at differentiating into any tissue. The printer is very gentle that it can easily squirt out just five cells at a time without destroying them. Researchers can use the dabs of cells to promptly test drugs or even make miniature scraps of tissue. The prospective objective is to develop whole organs from scratch.

3. Sex Toys
Sex toys and 3D printing may seem just like an odd pairing and, well, it is, but provided the personalization options afforded to those utilizing the devices, it seems sensible. Virtually any toy you can imagine may be created. That is what artist Matthew Eppler did while creating this line of butt plugs influenced by the 2012 Republican presidential candidates.

2. Faces In Chocolate
Assuming getting your girl the conventional box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day is not going to do the trick, you need to purchase a box of treats with her face on them. A Japanese firm named FabCafe offers a two-day training wherein people will be able to learn how to apply 3D printing technology to carve faces into pieces of chocolate. All you need to do is to pay, have the person’s head scanned, create a silicon mold of stated head and then fill it up it with chocolate. Simply because absolutely nothing says “I love you” exactly like a 3D-printed chocolate with your face on it.

1. A working gun
7-3D-printer-gunIt appears very much like a toy than a dangerous weapon, yet the world’s very first 3D-printed gun has gun control advocates and pro-gun rights fans mindful and enthusiastic. Recently, Cody Wilson, a radical anarchist from the University of Texas, declared plans for printing a gun, setting up a nonprofit referred to as Defense Distributed to build the gun and distribute the plans. And indeed, Wilson and his team realized their dream, adequately testing the “Liberator” on a Texas firing range. The gun successfully shot a .380 caliber bullet, however, exploded while its makers attempted to modify it to shoot a larger 5.7 by 28 rifle cartridge.

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